Piwik launches Certified Professional credential

Today, Piwik announced an official certification. The Piwik Certified Professional – Digital Analytics (PCP – DA) certification is an individual certification that shows a professional has knowledge of the web analytics software Piwik and possesses knowledge that goes beyond the analytics tool Piwik.

The questions in the exam are based on the Piwik user guides and relate to the use of Piwik, the analysis of digital data and general insight into the role of a digital analyst in an organization. Knowledge of Piwik and at least one-year work experience as a web analyst or work experience with Piwik in another function is required. After passing the exam, an individual is recognized as a Piwik Certified Professional.

The exam consists of 55 questions with an 80% passing score (minimum 44 correct answers). The exam must be completed within 60 minutes. Each exam sitting costs 50.00 USD.

Piwik is free open source analytics software and is available in 53 languages. Piwik is installed on more than one million websites and is actively used in 150 countries. The Piwik certification program is available worldwide for users in all countries.

You could register for the exam, or you could learn on exam topics in detail.

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